Koyker K5 and 500 Loader Bucket Cylinder Shaft - 10137

Tilt cylinder shaft for Koyker K5 and 500 Loaders. Shaft diameter: 1-1/2"


Dump cylinder shaft for Koyker Loader Models K5 and 500.<br>

Watch video showing measurements of Koyker shaft 10137

This shaft is the replacement shaft for the Koyker K5 and 500 Front End Loader bucket cylinder. Both the K5 and 500 loaders were manufactured with several different size bucket cylinders. This shaft is a replacement part for the bucket cylinder with the part number 10135. For the K5, which has a variation with just one bucket cylinder, this is a part for the K5 loader that was manufactured with TWO bucket cylinders.

10137 Chrome Shaft Replacement Parts Measurements:

  • The outside diameter (OD) of the chrome shaft is 1-1/2".
  • The length of the shaft is measured from the center-of-the-pin (center of the shaft terminal) to the tip of the chrome shaft, and the length is 24".
  • The length of the shaft terminal is 3-7/8".
  • The outside diameter (OD) of the shaft terminal is 1-3/4".
  • The inside diameter (ID) of the shaft terminal is 1.0".
  • There is only one grease zerk on the shaft terminal.
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Manufacturer Koyker Mfg
Quickbooks Stock Level 0.000000
Call For Price No
Cylinder Function Bucket
Koyker Barrel ID 2.5"
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