Hose Kit for Loader-Ready John Deere Tractors

Loader Hose Kit for John Deere Tractor Models: 6615, 6715, 7130, 7220, 7230, 7320, 7330, 7420, 7430, 7520, 7530

As low as $550.00
2-3 week lead time

These are the John Deere tractor models that this hose kit fits: 6615, 6715, 7130, 7220, 7230, 7320, 7330, 7420, 7430, 7520 and 7530. This kit is used in a situation where a loader is being added to one of these tractor models that are loader-ready, but have not had a loader added yet. The control valve is John Deere OEM, and the hoses have the correct fittings and adapters to match up with this hydraulic loader control valve. The hoses in this kit go from the John Deere factory hydraulic control valve up to the quick couplers, and then from the quick couplers up to the loader steel lines. The hose fittings in this kit are designed to match up with a John Deere 740 steel lines fittings. The items included in the kit are: hydraulic fittings between valve and hoses, hoses from valve to quick couplers, quick couplers, quick couplers mounting bracket, hoses from quick couplers to loader steel lines, and installation hardware. The soft ride accumulator is optional. The items that need to be present for this kit are the factory joystick, factory cables and wiring harness, factory hydraulic control valve, hoses to the rear, and the pressure, return, and load sense ports in the rear.

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