Sodium Persulfate Information


Sodium Persulfate

Other Names

Sodium peroxydisulfate; Peroxydisulfuric Acid

Chemical Formula


CAS Number

7775 – 27 – 1

Industry Uses

Bleaching Agent

Health Risks

Irritant to skin and eyes

Sodium Persulfate MSDS

What is Sodium Persulfate?

Persulfate is a strong oxidizer that is commonly used for clarifying swimming pools and spas. It is also used to destroy a broad range of soil and groundwater contaminants. Sodium persulfate is often used for environmental applications like as a soil conditioner and for groundwater and soil remediation. It is a bleaching agent used in hair cosmetics and as a detergent. Sodium Persulfate is an oxidizer and may intensify fire.

Sodium Persulfate Exposure and Health Risks

Sodium Persulfate is an irritant, causing damage and irritation to eyes and skin. It may cause an allergic skin reaction. It can also irritate the respiratory tract, causing inflammation and allergy or asthma-like symptoms. It is harmful if swallowed at high concentrations.


There are no listed restrictions or regulations for the concentration of Sodium Persulfate in water. 

Measuring Sodium Persulfate

Dissolved Sodium Persulfate concentration in water can be measured in units of parts per million (ppm). We carry an instrumental kit from CHEMetrics that determines Sodium Persulfate levels in water. All of our Sodium Persulfate products can be viewed HERE.

The Sodium Persulfate Kits are designed to accurately measure sodium persulfate levels in water using the Ferric Thiocyanate Method.

The K-7870 Persulfate Kit is used to measure persulfate levels from 0-5.6 ppm and 7-70 ppm.

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