Manganese Information



Other Names


Chemical Formula


CAS Number

7439 – 96 – 5

Industry Uses

Alloys; Automotive Products

Health Risks

Central Nervous System Damage; Psychiatric Changes;

Manganese MSDS

What is Manganese?

Surface and ground waters rarely contain more than 1 mg/L of soluble or suspended manganese. Manganese can act as an oxidizing or reducing agent depending on its valence state. Increased levels of Manganese will cause a black to brown color to the water that will stain laundry and porcelain surfaces. It will also cause a bitter, metallic taste.

Manganese Exposure and Health Risks

Because Manganese plays a vital role in maintaining normal physiological function, low-level exposure is essential. However, long term exposure or exposure to high levels of manganese can be toxic. Toxicity is marked by severe psychiatric symptoms, irritability, anxiety, hallucinations, and violent outbursts. Other symptoms include insomnia, confusion, dry throat, chest tightness, flu-like fever, vomiting, and kidney damage. Chronic exposure can lead to chronic neurological disorders, headaches, muscle weakness, speech disturbance, and impairment to reaction time, hand-eye coordination, and hand steadiness. Direct contact with manganese can cause serious eye damage and skin irritation. Manganese exposure can occur through contact, inhalation, and ingestion.


The table below summarizes the most-recent standards.




0.05 mg/L

Secondary Standards – Max Contaminant Level


Sources: EPA

Measuring Manganese

Dissolved Manganese concentration in water can be measured in units of parts per million (ppm). We carry kits from CHEMetrics that determine Manganese levels in water, ranging from 0-2 ppm and 0-60 ppm. All of our Manganese products can be viewed HERE.

These Manganese Kits are designed to accurately measure manganese levels in water using the Periodate Method.

The K-6503 Maganese Vacu-Vials Kit is used to measure manganese levels from 0-30 ppm.

The K-6502D Manganese Vacu-Vials Kit is used to measure manganese levels from 0-60 ppm.

The K-6502 Manganese CHEMets Kit is used to measure manganese levels from 0-2 ppm.

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