Aromatic Isocyanates (TDI & MDI) Information



What are Aromatic Isocyanates?

Aromatic Isocyanates are isocyanates where the NCO group is directly attached to an aromatic ring. Aromatic Isocyanates like TDI (toluenediisocyanate) and MDI (methylenediphenyl diisocyanate) represent the largest market for diisocyanate monomers. They are used in applications where color stability and UV resistance are not necessary. These isocyanates are used in polyurethane and polyurea foams, elastomers, adhesives, and coatings. Under catalyzed conditions, aromatic isocyanates are extremely fast in reacting with polyols.

Health Risks

Exposure to chemicals with low vapor pressures, like aromatic isocyanates, can occur though skin contact with contaminated solvents or surfaces. Aromatic isocyanates also present a respiratory sensitization hazard.

Measuring Aromatic Isocyanates

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